San Francisco Bay Area’s “The Smooth Jazz Alley” was originally formed by Keyboardist Marco Montoya and Guitarist Stan Evans, both San Francisco Bay Area natives.  Their collective creation of the album entitled “Been A Long Time Comin’”, produced by Marco Montoya, can best be defined as a blend of fusion of R&B, Soul, Jazz & Funk.

The Smooth Jazz Alley’s debut album, “Been A Long Time Comin’” received an overwhelming response from Smooth Jazz radio stations and networks around the globe.  The album made Billboard’s most added to radio consecutively and within two years the album reached the Top 50 of 2017 on, in addition to the Smooth Jazz Top 100 of 2017 on the Smooth Jazz Network. The album made the ballot and was considered for the 59th Annual Grammy’s in the category of Contemporary Instrumental Album of the year.  The Smooth Jazz Alley was also featured in the 2017 Spring issue of Coffee Talk Jazz Magazine!


In 2018 Drummer/Producer Kevin Lewis joined The Smooth Jazz Alley after the departure of Stan Evans.  Kevin has toured with many top artists in Smooth Jazz and has brought some established guest artists to the highly anticipated second album due out for release in March 2020.

The re-branding of The Smooth Jazz Alley is showcased in their latest album “Let’s Ride” which features a line up of guest artists such as Chieli Minucci, Andy Snitzer, Robeto Vally, Eric Marienthal, Joel Del Rosario, Greg Vail, Carlyle Barriteau & more.  The first single “Let’s Ride” was released in 2019 and made Billboard’s most added to radio twice in April and also made Billboard’s most increased spins by radio in May.  Along with doing very well on multiple Smooth Jazz radio charts, it now has over 215,000 streams on Spotify.

The Smooth Jazz Alley’s latest single “Tidal Feat. Andy Snitzer” is now playing on radio stations around the globe and doing very well.  The Smooth Jazz Alley has already started production on their third album which will have even more surprises!


The Smooth Jazz Alley