Stan Evans


Stan started playing guitar just before High School after receiving a guitar as a Christmas gift.  He had a few private lessons and that was all it took to get him started on his musical path. Stan started out mostly playing along with “Rock Classics’ such as Credence Clearwater Revival, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, most of whom were acoustic guitar-based rock artists.
As the years went by, his musical tastes progressed as well. From artists like Johnny and Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, initially, into even more Blues-influenced artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Buddy Guy. His first actual working-band experience was through a friend of a friend, Bob Silva, who was mostly doing current rock and pop covers at local San Francisco Bay Area clubs. Throughout the ‘70's and ‘80's Stan enjoyed jamming and gigging with friends. As it turned out, he actually met his future wife while playing in the Bob Silva Band where she played piano and sang background vocals.
Stan was then introduced to another musician who was forming his band, ‘Jim Raines and Reflex’, a hard-edged pop band looking for a lead guitarist. Stan played several club gigs in the Bay Area and did some recording work on an EP with Jim Raines.  It was in this band where Stan learned to collaborate with others in writing music.
With an interest in sound reinforcement and recording, Stan eventually enrolled in several courses regarding live sound and live recording.  After a few recording gigs, Rene Aguilar, a friend from his ‘day job’ told him he was starting a new Latin band, ‘Grupo Caribe’. Stan was asked to be the sound technician for the band which eventually led to acquiring some great experience working in a live setting. In addition to engineering the sound for the band, he also started playing guitar on some of the songs.  It was in this band that he met Marco Montoya.
After many years in ‘Grupo Caribe’, Marco approached Stan with some personal projects he had been working on.  After a few sessions of collaboration, Stan found a way to use Marco’s note-phrasing to enhance and compliment his song writing.  After finding common ground in a completely different genre of music, this collaboration eventually led to a full length album by The Smooth Jazz Alley.
In 2017, Stan officially retired from The Smooth Jazz Alley, however decided to stay on board as a writing partner with Marco.

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