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Otoe Mori was born in Nagano, Japan. Her parents gave her a name that means “Blessed with Music.” She grew up listening to the sound of her father’s saxophone and clarinet and aspired to be like him.  As Otoe enjoyed playing in the middle school and high school bands, her interest in music became more prominent than ever before. After high school, Otoe moved to Yokohama to study music.  While studying music, she auditioned and joined a brass pop band called “Brass Plus” which soon after debuted an album released under Sony Music Entertainment.  Otoe played sax and clarinet and toured all over Japan with Brass Plus.  Otoe also performed in the musical play “Mr. Holland’s Opus” which had many famous actors in Japan. 


In 2003, Otoe moved to the USA with her husband where she met and shared the stage with many talented artists and bands including, Humanistic, Christopher Williams, Pete Escovedo, Pee Wee Ellis, James Levi (Herbie Hancock), Robin Duhe (MAZE), John Elephante (Kansas), Jason Scheff (Chicago), Kevin Chalfant (The Storm & Journey), Randall Hall (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Joel Del Rosario and finally landed with The Smooth Jazz Alley in 2017.


After meeting Kevin & Marco at a joint rehearsal for The Smooth Jazz Alley and guitarist Joel Del Rosario, they realized right away how much chemistry there was when they played together.  Over the next few years they performed many times at different venues and developed their relationship and musical bond.  Early on in that relationship, Otoe had conversations with Kevin & Marco about them producing a solo project for Otoe, however they ultimately decided to bring their sister into The Smooth Jazz Alley family.  “Deep Into You” is Otoe’s first studio recording with The Smooth Jazz Alley that went to radio.  The track also features guitarist Blake Aaron.

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